Cruising down Volcanoes National Park!

Of all the adventures we’ve had this year, this has to be my favorite to write about.

For our return journey to the Volcano National Park, we decided to take bicycles with us. This was no easy task to fit 3 bikes, 3 passengers, and camping gear in the stationwagon. However, the reward from this trip was astronomical. Initially, we had slight concerns about one of the bikes capability to descend down the hill. After lifting the concerns, we continued down the Chain of Craters Road; an 18 mile (30 Km) and 4,000 ft (1220 m) decline to ocean level.

Chain of Craters road.jpg

We did not bike down the entire road but rather just the lower half. We began our descent from the Kelakomo parking lot (2000 ft or 610 m high).



We pulled out the three bikes, attached their front wheels, strapped the boombox to the bike rack, and we were good to go. I turned on my go pro and began recording our descent.

After falling off my bike before even exiting the parking lot, I knew that this was to be a memorable adventure. Unfortunately, the rear cog shifter broke. However, that didn’t stop me from cruising down the volcano because all I really needed were the brakes!

Why I fell? I was so full of enjoyment and not paying attention to the upcoming road. I thought there was a car coming so my left hand snapped on the brakes and caused me to flip…

Back on the road again, this time with no camera of course, and gazed upon the scenery. It is difficult to describe this ride but I consider it to be one of my happiest memories. As you are reading this, you might be wondering how do we get back up the volcano and to the stationwagon. My goal was to hitchhike back to the car and drive it down to the end of the road. I failed at getting a ride and I decided to ask the park ranger for a ride back up. Luckily enough, he was unconditionally kind enough to do so and give me extensive knowledge on the national park while at it; complete success!


For all the wonderful photos, thank you Laura for joining us on this adventure.

From the big island, warm aloha and mahalo for reading!

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