The Boundless Healing Project

All the events of my life have lead up to this new project. All of who I am, what I set to accomplish, and what I believe in.

The Boundless Healing Project is a lifestyle, where one is able to heal themselves from any psychological or physical pain with an holistic approach. My goal as a therapist is to indirectly heal others by doing absolutely nothing. This approach teaches us that we are alone responsible for our own health and our own livelihood. So how?

An idea came to me today as I was planting a pineapple patch which was rather enlightening. As a therapeutic bodyworker, I have the tools to provide a service to others. I will offer free body, energy, spiritual work for those that it attracts. Prior to receiving bodywork, I will ask the individual to choose a specific self-healing task. They also will have the option to spin for a task and allow fate to choose for them. Examples of self-healing tasks includes; meditate for 20 minutes, read 10 pages from a new book of your interest, stretch for 10 minutes, write down 3 things you are grateful for, etc..


After they discover their task, I will encourage them to share their self-healing experience with another. They will then receive free healing and be gifted a self-healing task to take home of their own personal choice. This is a mission to guide us on a self-healing and holistic lifestyle.

My reason for posting this mission is to get advice from others. I want to hear your thoughts on this.

From the Big Island, Mahalo for reading!

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