Jumping off the Most Southern Part of the United States; Literally

South Point, Big Island Hawaii is geographically the most southern part of the United States. Okay, so what’s the big deal you may ask? Well, you can jump off of it into the deep blue pacific ocean! It’s a staggering 40 ft (12.2 m) of pure adrenaline rushing through your body. If you’re without injury, not pregnant, well alive, and on the island, it’s a must do cliff jump!


When walking up to the cliff with the intention of jumping it, I suddenly started shivering out of control. I thought it was the cool breeze but no, it was an nervous shake that I have never experienced in my life. Took a deep breath, told myself that it’s okay to be scared and it stopped. After harnessing control over my nervousness, I turned on my go pro camera, pressed record, and then Tori began the countdown. 5….4…..3…………2…. and on 1, I jumped; for life, love, all the wonderful things the universe blesses us with every moment, and of course for all my readers!

After landing in the water, I was injected with a high of energy, refreshness, and gratitude. I have developed a new addiction, it’s to live life and every moment to the fullest; to my personal standards. After climbing up most rusted ladder on earth, I then also discovered that my go pro camera was waterdamaged from the force of impact.. Gratefully, I left the go pro in a bag of rice overnight and it works for now (knock on wood).

To continue on this adventure, this location is located near Green Sand beach, where the sand is literally green! There are only two places in the world that have this. It’s such a blessing to be on this Island, with the woman I love, and all those that I shared the last month with. My momentum has slowed with the posts but I promise that I am picking it right up!

Thank you all for following my adventure and a Warm aloha from Hawaii to all of you,

To Tori Hall and Laura Headley for the awesome pictures that have really illustrated my experience, Mahalo!

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