Tent Camping in the Jungles of Maui!

Aloha! This is my very first blog on Boundless Healing and I am very excited to share my workaway experience off the Hana highway in Maui. So here it is, you can follow our story of cheap semi-comfortable living, finding life long friends, and discovering many hidden gems in Maui.

San Francisco Airport

It all began with the idea of working in Hawaii in exchange for a place to stay and food in our bellies. Surprisingly, there are thousands of farms, families, and others whom provide these accommodations all over the world for a helping hand. My girlfriend Tori and I found our first farm on WorkAway (https://www.workaway.info/) and there are other websites that provide a similar service including http://www.wwoofusa.org and http://www.helpx.net. We came across difficulty finding a workaway that would help develop our massage practice and settled for a small farm in the jungles of Maui. At 4 1/2 mile marker on the road to Hana, was the Huelo Lookout in which contains two fruit stands that are supported by the help of work exchange volunteers on the farm.

I can’t deny that the first couple days were tough for us in the jungle. Our first tent site, commonly known as the Mansion, was in the darkest part of the property where there was more humidity, spiders, rodents, wild boars, and a moldy stench. A fellow volunteer left a few days after our arrival due to strong reactions to mosquito bites; we quickly snagged her tent and spent the rest of the day making the space organized and clean. Now, we felt more comfortable at the Hibiscus Hideaway where we stayed for our remaining 3 weeks.

We worked 30 hrs/wk at the farm and were able to do whatever we liked for the rest of the time. Interesting enough, the girls would worked in the fruit stands while the guys are working on the property. Although I did not learn how to make awesome smoothies, crepes, or cut coconuts for tourists, I learned a whole ordeal about land and tool maintenance; most of all, how to share communal spaces with 13 others.


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I will fill in the many gaps with future posts and keep you all up to date with our travels! Currently, we are staying in an amazing hotel in Lahaina with Tori’s parents. They have rescued us from the jungle and soon we will be moving to the Big Island February 25th! Along with these posts will be more travel and health tips. Please keep us in the loop as well!


Aloha and Mahalo for reading!


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